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March 15: LA Religious Education Congress, Los Angeles, CA



November 21: St. Rose de Lima Book Talk, Providence, RI

November 13-14: Diocese of Green Bay Conference, Wisconsin

October 18th: Louisiana Parish Weekend!

September 14th: St. Anthony Shrine, Boston, MA

September 9th: Diocese of Providence Talk, Rhode Island

August 22: Diocese of Pittsburgh Keynote; Pittsburgh, PA

June 10: Wilmington Legatus Talk, Wilmington, DE

June 4: Lehigh Valley Legatus Talk, Allentown, PA

April 29: Elms College ‘Deanery Scholars” Book Talk, Chicopee, MA

April 21-22: National Catholic Education Association Conference (NCEA), Pittsburgh, PA

April 11: St. Paul’s Inside the Walls “Friday Night Light” Book Talk, New Jersey

April 6: Paulist Center Book Talk, Boston, MA

February 23: Holy Family Parish Book Talk, Concord, MA

January 18: University of California, Berkeley: Keynote Speaker at UCCC 2014

January 10-11: Hofinger Conference, New Orleans, LA



January 18th: The Christopher’s Podcast, New York, NY

January 22nd: Dartmouth College Theology on Tap, Hanover, VT

February 10th: Blessed Sacrament Youth Talk, Westfield, MA

February 19th: Elms College Deanery Scholarship Talk, Chicopee, MA

February 20th: UMass Lowell Book talk, Lowell, MA

February 28th: Legatus Book Talk, Springfield, MA

March 9th—Catholic Men’s Conference, Springfield, MA

March 25th: Springfield College Book Talk, Springfield, MA

April 6th: Yale Conference, New Haven, CT

May 21-22nd: The National Conference for Catechetical Leadership, Cleveland, OH

May 29th: Son Rise Morning Show appearance

CBS News national premiere: “What’s So Funny About Religion?” (co-starring Matt Weber)

September 5th: St. Mary’s Book Talk, Longmeadow, MA

September 18th: Providence Legatus Talk, Providence, RI

November 1st: “The Gist” Talk Show guest, CatholicTV

August 7th — EWTN Radio, Cincinnati, OH

August 17th– Relevant Radio’s “Morning Air” (8:30am), Green Bay, WI

August 21st –“This Is The Day” appearance (CatholicTV), Watertown, MA

August 29th–“Morning Air” with Sean Herriott, (8am EST) Relevant Radio, Green Bay, WI

August 31st—EWTN Radio, (7:35AM), Cincinnati, OH

September 4th — Archangel Radio 1410 (8-9am), Mobile, AL

September 5th– Busted Halo Radio (8:20pm), New York City, NY

September 6th —“NightSide with Dan Rea” WBZ Radio, Boston, MA

September 7th—“First Friday Prayer Breakfast” St. Michael’s Cathedral, Springfield, MA

September 10th –“The Good Catholic Life” WQOM 1060 AM, Boston, MA

September 13th—Harvard Distinguished Author Series, Cambridge, MA

September 20-21—Loyola Press “Fearing the Stigmata” Video Series Production in Boston/Cambridge

September 22nd —“Year of Faith” Conference, Springfield Symphony Hall, Springfield, MA

September 25th—“Church in the 21st Century” Faith Discussion- 5:00pm–Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA

September 26–Relevant Radio, “Morning Air” 7am, Green Bay, WI

September 27th–The Catholic Channel, Sirius XM. 8am

October 2nd–The Catholic Channel, Sirius XM, 12-1pm. NYC

October 4th—“Brazos Bookstore Book Talk”, Houston, TX

October 13th—St. Dominic Weekend Keynote, Providence Convention Center, Providence, RI

October 14th —Year of Faith Diocesan Youth Conference, Chicopee, MA

October 14th—Amherst College presentation and dinner, Amherst, MA

October 23rd—Boston College –Church in the 21st Century Talk, Chestnut Hill, MA

October 27th—Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Speaker Series, Indianapolis, IN

November 5th—Blessed Virgin Sodality, Northampton, MA

November 8th: WINGS (Women in God’s Spirit) program in Lexington, MA

November 18th: Washington DC/ PC Book Talk—Washington DC

December 1: The Catholic Guy with Lino Rulli (Sirius XM)

December 17th: St. Thomas Religious Education, West Springfield, MA

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